Under the Fedora: Welcome, Randos!

To the regular readers,

Hello, you beautiful babies! Did you do something with your hair? You look AMAZING. Remember that in-joke we always tell? HAHAHAHAHA! We are always laughing together. Just some normal stuff after the jump, okay?

Listen, don’t freak out, but we are not alone. It has been a while since we’ve addressed the search terms that bring people here, but they are CRAAAAAAY. As you know, I’ve been on a lighter posting schedule due to Personal Life Stuff. Still, our numbers are decent even on weeks I don’t post. Who is coming here? What are they looking for?

They ain’t looking for my commentary or questionable photoshoppery, I’ll tell you that. I am pret-ty sure that the guy googling “ww4m,” dick in hand, was not trying to land here. Or here. The 21 year-old dude shouting “WHERE THE MILF PUSSY AT?” into the Internet was under no circumstances looking for this. Or this.

In case you are interested, the following is a complete, unedited list of search terms that have landed Internet Randos in our little walled garden of tomfoolery. Mostly it’s dudes looking for gloryholes, any spelling thereof, but there is some weird shit in here too. “Hasselhoff shaming,” you guys. I’ve highlighted some of my favorites.

Holes on holes on holes,


glory hole
craigslist gloryhole
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enough of the craigslist beggars
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upon a secret glory hole
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wordpress blog gloryhole straight
most ridiculous craigslist beggars
anyone ever have success with m4ww on craislist ever work
pussy licker craigslist
eating pussy at a glory hole
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anna karenina gloryhole
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why glory hole
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mutually discrete
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is glory hole safe to use when you meet over internet
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list of glory holes
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hot to create a glory hole in hotel
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dangerous glory hole
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who wants to come over and finger my ass for me via craigslist?
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mm4w on craigslist
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mm4w, craigslist
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salon fatties
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blog for make money online
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ww4m blogs
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gory hole
girls in the hood gloryholes l l
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search m4ww
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chinese glory holes
find craigslist gloryhole
loaded glory hole
flaccid gloryhole
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here are some real gloryholes in america
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im 14 and glory hole
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“craigslist” “ww4m”
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guy thinks girl giving him bj at gloryhole
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secret gloryholes
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craigslist gloryholes are they safe
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old ladys onle at gloryhole
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glorey-hole.com пожилые с молодыми
lafitness blowjob tumblr.com
the glory hole on craigslist
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craigslist beggars, tired of it
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bad words on craigslist
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milf powered by wordpress
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ce craigslist
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2 redheads for you! – ww4m craigslist
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mad finding glory hole
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lake flaccid
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hobo jacks off
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hasselhoff shaming
dick sledge
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blaxploitation theme party
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glore hole
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black pussy craigslist
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socks craigslist
glory whole
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craig list gloryhole
***glory hole
gloryhole locations craigslist
gloryhole m4w
what is mm4w
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are craigslist gloryhole for real
glory hole connections
tumblr gloryhole bareback
youngest “boy” hole on internet
glory hole m4m
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dsm glory hole
craigslist bad words
what is glory hole on craigslist?
craislist glory holes
craigslist glory holes columbus ohio
gloryhole craiglist w4m
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no fatties please
what is ww4m
ww4m posts
craigsllist glory hole
starry some women and glory holes
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sex spread bulldog
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knocked up young uns
craigslist, female glory hole
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my fatties pussy
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